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Crossfit can be classified as a constantly varied, high-intensity training. Even though nutrient provision should to a high ratio come from whole foods and drinks, there are situations where this is not always optimal, and where supplements can help athletes improve performance or recovery. Caffeine can be found in coffee or tea, but the amount of caffeine is highly variable. Therefore, caffeine capsules might help athletes to consume the recommended amount. Furthermore, creatine and beta-alanine are found in food, but are difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities in the diet. Thus, supplementation of these can help athletes to achieve performance enhancing doses. Due to the large variety in Crossfit training, competition and WODs, there might also be other supplements that could potentially benefit performance. In addition, many supplements might also improve recovery, which could also enhance overall Crossfit performance.

Keywords: crossfit, beta-alanin, creatine, caffeine, performance


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